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Shared Housing Part Two
19 August 2009, 9:53 pm
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What would it look like for shared housing to stimulate gospel growth and community revival?

That is where I left my last post, and I must say that upon reflection I do not think that shared housing is the answer to gospel growth – the Spirit is. God gives the growth. Josh’s comment from yesterday really highlights what is important in community life – it isn’t necessarily the forms (shared housing, meeting for meals, being is community clubs, etc.) it is the culture of the community that needs to be particularly considered.

For example, are we a community who regularly and spontaneously prays together? Are we a community who understands the gospel and are regularly speaking Jesus into each others lives? Do we intentionally open up our community to outsiders, even putting gospel community on display for the broader Mountains’ community? Do we eat together and open our lives to one another? Do we serve together? Do we have a culture of singing, joy and celebration?

So the culture of a community is what needs to be shaped by the gospel. If a gospel-centred culture is in place, then gospel community can exist through most forms. That said, perhaps shared housing is a form that is particularly conducive to producing life in community under Christ.

The key is to ensure that you are intentional about using the house as an outlet and opportunity for community in Christ. Make it an open house – people are always welcome, although set firm boundaries for where you consider to be off-limits. Have plenty of food to share with strangers and brothers in Christ. Pray for your house, your housemates, and those in your church community, that God would bring you many people to love and serve and speak the gospel to. Pray and speak the Scriptures to one another at every opportunity. Love and serve your neighbours – mow their lawn, invite them over, bake them a cake.

There are plenty of things that you can do, but I think it all must be undergirded in prayer for the lost in your community. God is alive. He is powerful. Jesus is real. He is risen. The gospel is the power of God for salvation. Believe the gospel – REALLY believe the gospel. And ask God to work powerfully among you to the praise of his glory!


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The fundamental question is understanding that nothing we have is ours. When we see our house, bank accounts, food, cars, time, etc… as Gods, then our mind set changes. We are to see things that we have as something that we are only holding onto and are to do as God leads us and calls us.

This should be our mind set.

Comment by Josh Cousineau

Josh – thanks for your comment. As always you provide a lot of wisdom and clarity.

One challenge in cultivating this God-centred perspective on possessions is the materialism of society around us. When Jesus tells us that “man does not survive on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the Father”, we continue in our glutonous ways. We need to keep on encouraging one another with the truth of the gospel – that really we are all poor beggars before God, yet he has richly blessed us with every good thing in Christ. I think that the gospel is the only thing cultivates the mindset that you described.

Thanks Josh!

Comment by bradkonemann

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