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Shared Housing
19 August 2009, 5:38 am
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A good friend returned to Australia last week after nine months overseas. Katherine and I were so excited to see him and to have him back in our lives. When he told us he was going to be returning, I asked him if he needed a place to stay. We have a spare room at our place and he would have been more than welcome to use it. He politely declined.

But it got me thinking about the idea of shared housing as a way of promoting gospel community and shared life in Christ. Katherine and I are a young married couple (we’ve been married for 20 months) and the norm in Australian Christian circles for young marrieds is to get a place and to rejoice in the wife of your youth. So it may seem a little counter-cultural if we were to actually go ahead with allowing someone to live with us.

Aside from the issues that would need to be addressed with such an arrangement (boundaries, how to maintain intimacy in the marriage, and all the usual housemate stuff), I wonder if living in community could be an intentional way of seeing gospel community come to life in the Mountains? I think that a key word here is ‘intentional’, as it would be all too easy to simply live life and forget Christ. But perhaps, with careful thought and prayer, it would allow the gospel to saturate all of life and be a catalyst for revival in a community of God’s people.

What would it look like for shared housing to stimulate gospel growth and community revival? I’ll save that for the next post.


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This is a tough one ey mate. Something I’m grappling with myself in this batchelor pad.

Maybe one answer is similar to answers in all other areas of spiritual life: what are you doing now? Are you praying with others in the house? Do you already open scripture together? Do you sing together? Do you have intentional outreach gatherings at your house which you pray for?

Are you using what opportunities God gives in the present? If not, why hope for more/better opportunities down the track.

The whole marriage thing complicates your question too. Don’t ask for my wisdom on that!

Comment by Josh Maule

Josh, thanks for your comment. I think you’re spot on here. I thought what you said was so good that I based my next post on your concepts!

Check it out.

Comment by bradkonemann

Hey I 100% support the thought of opening your house if God has given you the means to do so. My wife and I have been married for 7 years this coming Nov and for the last 4 years we have had a young man, well older then me, from Ecuador. It has been hard, but also a blessing. But what else in the Christian walk is not hard. This coming Jan he will be goin back to Ecuador, but God has brought a great godly couple into our life that we are talking with to allow them to live in our extra room.

Gospel + community = True Christianity. I look at it like what has God given me that I can bless others with. The room in my house, the house for that matter, are not mine but Gods. How would God have me use it? How would God have be bless the body?

Pray that God leads the right people into your lives that you can open up your house to!

~Humbly Following Him – Josh

Comment by Josh Cousineau

Josh, I’m excited to see gospel community coming to life in the Cousineau house. I’d love to hear more about what this looks like in practice and how you and Anna set boundaries while still being open and welcoming.

I think your attitude is spot on – giving out of the abundance that God has given you. What an awesome way to show God’s love to the world!

Comment by bradkonemann

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