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In the Street
20 August 2009, 5:50 pm
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Walking the Dog

Katherine and I got a dog last week. We’re dogsitting her indefinitely for a friend. She is a beautiful two-year-old German Shepherd called Bella. We both grew up with dogs, but Katherine was definitely more excited than I was when we offered to mind her. However, despite my apathy I have fallen in love with Bella.

Bella is at that age where a dog is old enough to be full-size, and young enough to be energetic – ALL THE TIME! She is always wanting to play ball or go for a walk. Because Katherine and I have so many commitments we are never really home to give her the attention she needs. I end up taking Bella for a walk late at night just before we hit the sack.

This afternoon, however, I was home early with an hour and a half to kill and I thought I would take her out. It was a normal 15 minute walk around the block. One thing that I noticed was how many people were out and about in the street or in their front yards. In that 15 minutes I was able to say “G’day” or wave to more people than I’ve met in this neighbourhood in the seven months we’ve lived here.

It got me thinking that perhaps the afternoon is a strategic time to be out and about in the community, building relationships, prayer walking and planting the seed of the gospel in peoples’ lives. Think about your neighbourhood – in mine all the school kids are out in the street playing, people are getting home from work, checking their mail, walking their dogs, taking their bins out, maybe doing a quick bit of gardening or housework. Bella was even a catalyst for conversation!

Maybe being out in the street is a good way for us to impact the Mountains with the gospel. Why not even buy a dog to get those conversations started?


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Haha – nice post Brad. You’re on fire with good posts already. Told you you were made for blogging.

I reckon walking is gold and am loving living so close to s’wood. Just about every time I walk down the street in Springwood I meet and greet old friends, half-friends, new friends, aquaintances. Whoever.

It’s got to be good for sharing the gospel down the track.

Comment by Josh Maule

Thanks Josh.

You do a lot more walking than me to and from the station. Have you had any gospel opportunities yet?

I’m thinking about trying to walk Bella every afternoon just to get out in the community when people are around.

Comment by bradkonemann

I haven’t had the chance to talk to anyone about Jesus yet. But I am praying for opportunities. And when you ask God for them, they *always* come.

But I have had the chance to forge some regular shop-keeper relationships. And was able to buy an extra item from the bakery for the homeless guy sitting outside.

Comment by Josh Maule

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