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22 August 2009, 7:27 pm
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It’s funny how things collide in life sometimes without you even realising.

At LiVE this week I ran a session on Fasting. This was within my seminar series on the Spiritual Disciplines which I’m basing on Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. This weekend, Katherine and I are participating in the 40 Hour Famine to raise funds and awareness of the Global Food Crisis. In addition to this, today is the beginning of Ramadan – the month of fasting which Muslims observe all over the world.

What significance does all of this have? Potentially none, possibly a great deal. What I find interesting (and disappointing) though is that I have not capitalised on the opportunity this weekend to treat my 40 Hour Famine experience as a fast. When I could have spent my extra time praying, or meditating on God’s Word, I have managed to fill it up with other things. The Famine weekend has kind of snuck up on us, and I don’t think I was mentally prepared to treat it as a fast – it wasn’t something that I had readied myself for and chosen to do. It’s just going without food, it has no spiritual significance for me.

While I am disappointed that I have let the opportunity to fast pass by me, I have been able to enjoy life on this beautiful day that God has given me: clear skies and warm sunshine as I swept the verandah, raked the backyard and picked up Bella’s poo; sweet music meeting up with friends to play guitar; serving and loving Katherine in a time of crisis. Perhaps all these things remind me that I am saved by grace, that salvation is not from myself but from God. While I don’t fast or pray or seek Him, he continues to pour out His goodness to me in abundance.

One thing that I’m not disappointed about is that we haven’t had to do any washing up this weekend!


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Thanks for the reminder to start on my Ramadan prayer notes.

Comment by Josh Maule

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