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Katherine and I have an older missionary couple who live in our street. Graham occasionally does a bread run and brings us a whole bag full of bread at the end of it. He brought us a bag this week – it contained fresh bread rolls, two lovely loaves of bread and a cinnamon topped fruit loaf. Katherine and I have been eating this for breakfast and it has just been lovely.

Graham and his wife are so excited about our ministry with Voice of the Martyrs. Although we haven’t had the opportunity yet, he has asked us to come up for dinner one night to share about our experiences, to fellowship and to pray to the Lord of the harvest.

Just down the road from us is another young Christian couple who are in ministry. They are kind, Godly, generous, sincere with a deep love for the Lord. They collected our mail while we were overseas and have been so supportive of our ministry, and so hospitable whenever I have been around there. I was talking to Nathaniel a while ago, and he was pointing out to me that there are quite a few key Christian leaders in our neighbourhood. Together, we could have a really strategic impact for the gospel in our small corner of Faulconbridge.

Corridor of Oaks - Faulconbridge

I wonder what it would take to mobilize us for mission in our neighbourhood? We are believers from different churches and different backgrounds, with different commitments. Perhaps the first step is to get us all together, to get on mission, and to start praying for our neighbours.

What would you do in this situation?


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I’m thinking through this myself. You know how close Ramsey and I live, or maybe you don’t. Within .25mile of my house are 6 different family’s that go to my church alone. If we are to live like Christ, we need to figure out how to do so in an engaging way starting from our home and building out.

Big possibilities, also big questions of how is the best way. Here are a couple ideas:
1. Area cookout. Everyone invite their neighbor to the centreal home, just be real NOT preachy but real.
2. Start with your next door neighbor, build out sooner or later the neighbors will be reaching out to their neighbors.
3. Small group, invite everyone. I have found people almost never come if you don’t invite them 5 times, if you do more you will run them off.

Just some suggestions!

Comment by Josh Cousineau

Josh – sorry for the delay in reply. I’ve had a hectic weekend running events about North Korea and to top it off I broke my wrist in two places on Sunday.

I like what you say about ‘starting from our home and building out’. And it’s not just the case for mission; like you say it’s the case for all of life as we seek ‘to live like Christ’. The gospel isn’t an accessory we put on as we leave our house, but as you said the gospel-centred life is cultivated in the home where we see ourselves as we really are.

These are some thoughts that came to mind as I read your suggestions:
1. just do it – do something, anything to be missional in your community
2. don’t be discouraged by lack of response
3. be persistently loving, hospitable and generous.

Some practical suggestions from my end:
1. get some people around and offer to serve your neighbours – mow their lawns, do some gardening, play with the kids in the street.
2. have a front lawn party. Invite your friends and neighbours over to hang out in the front yard, eat some yummy food and play in the street.

Any other suggestions for building bridges for the gospel in our communities?

Comment by bradkonemann

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