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Reflections on Life with One Hand
1 September 2009, 7:29 pm
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On the weekend, I broke my wrist. No – it wasn’t a scheme to get a few days off work, or to escape from household responsibility. It was just an accident. And unfortunately I don’t even have a good story to tell as a result. I simply fell awkwardly in a tackle at soccer. It was the last game of the season, the result had no consequence for our standing on the table, and I go ahead and break my wrist in two places.

Most people have asked me ‘Does it hurt?’ or ‘Are you in a lot of pain?’ It doesn’t and I’m not. I’ve been really surprised to find that the pain, far from being excrutiating or unbearable, has been rather mild. In fact the worst thing about having a broken wrist is the inconvenience of it all. Let me give you some examples:

1. As soon as I injured it (not knowing it was broken), I knew that I couldn’t drive our manual car. I’ve had to swap cars with my parents.
2. I’ve had to take two days off work (yesterday and tomorrow) to see the doctors. There has been a lot of waiting so far but, that aside, I have a lot of work to do this week. I’m preaching three times this weekend and I’d love as much time for prep as I can get.
3. I haven’t been able to dress myself (thank God for my wife).
4. I haven’t been able to do any of the housework. While some husbands would see this as a joyous season of life, I feel a burden of guilt that Katherine now has more work to do. She is already over-worked, under-paid, and exhausted, and I love being able to serve and love her in as many practical ways as I can.
5. Typing one-handed is difficult, too slow, and unceasingly frustrating (try it).
6. I can’t make food for myself. I tried to butter my toast this morning, but with no hand to hold the bread, the toast moves with the knife and nothing ends up on the toast. I ended up holding the toast with my elbow and wearing the butter on my sling for the rest of the day. Also, I needed to ask a lady at work to cut up a tomato for my sandwich at lunch today – she even likened me to a baby because of my dependance on others.
7. Carrying things to and from the car is more difficult than I would have thought. You pick everything up in your hand, you’re ready to go, but then you realise you can’t pick up the keys. So you put everything back down, put the keys in your mouth, pick up your bags, only to realise that you now need to lock the car. This scenario then repeats itself when you get to the front door.

I’m sure there are many other inconveniences, but suffice it to say that I take my able-bodiness for granted. God can so easily take away the good things that he has given to us. We are forever dependant on Him for grace upon grace, and I know that I should be a lot more grateful.

God created all things ‘to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth’ – 1 Timothy 4:3.

But I really have nothing to complain about when you compare me with my broken wrist to this guy, and yet despite his difficulties he is living life with no limits:


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Nice post bro. That video is unbelievable.

Maybe this is God’s way of forcing you to be humble and depend on others. Receiving from others is just as hard as giving sometimes I reckon.

The visual image of you fumbling with the car keys made me chuckle.

Comment by Josh Maule

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