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Cricket and Car Washes
15 September 2009, 6:58 pm
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It’s interesting how the Lord works, isn’t it. I was speaking at a lunchtime Social Justice Group today at Norwest Christian College about persecution in North Korea. Humanly speaking it was a failure and not even worth my time going out there. There just happened to be cricket practice and a school car wash during the same lunchtime that I was speaking. And so I spoke to only six Year 7 students.

But the Lord is good, and he works through seeming failures and weaknesses to accomplish his purposes and show his strength. Through that small speaking engagement, it looks like I may now get the opportunity to speak to all the students through the Christians In Action (CIA) program at the school.

That is also the nature of the gospel, isn’t it, that just as Christ had to suffer and die in order to rise and win us life, so life comes through death (Romans 6:4-5), greatness comes through humility and service (Matthew 23:11-12), strength is shown through weakness, wisdom is shown through foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18-31) and to gain life you must lose your life (Mark 8:34-37). This is the upside-down nature of the kingdom of God, and it is totally foreign to our society.

Upside Down

Have you seen God turn things upside down in your life?

Have you experienced an instance in which you thought there was only failure, but God was really at work powerfully?


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