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24 September 2009, 12:33 pm
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Timmy Brister, Associate Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, recently wrote on his blog about Evangelism in Every “Place”. I found it a really interesting read and I’d recommend you check it out. Timmy breaks down life as being lived in three different “places”.

The first place is that of the home.

The second place is that of the workplace.

And third places are places or environments where people in the community interact with one another outside the first and second places. For example, coffee shops, malls, city parks, restaurants/pubs, exercise facilities, venues for arts/entertainment, etc. Timmy notes that this is where people are en masse and it’s also where culture is created.

He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of evangelism in every “place” and traces historical trends of how the church has approached evangelism – from a particular focus on reaching the first place in older generations (noting that the third place in these generations was the church), to a particular focus on reaching the third places, as today’s generation has been challenged to get out of the Christian subculture and live missionally.

Timmy concludes that rather than any exclusive focus on one place, we should be trying to reach people with the gospel in every place.

It’s clear that first and second places will be different for every individual, but third places will be common in a community. So, what are the third places in the Mountains? How should we communicate Christ into these places?


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The pub would have to be one of the 3rd places in the Mnts.

Also, we shouldn’t forget church in all of this. Evangelism can be done after the sermon on Sunday with people who show up to church but aren’t regenerate.

Comment by Josh Maule

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