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The Joy Theory
13 October 2009, 12:51 pm
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I wonder if we pursued a joy theory in Christian community, if more people would be activated for the work of service and mission.

What do you think?


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Love the video Brad 🙂
I know personally I have often felt guilt for failing at mission. Whether that’s more my personality or the culture of the group involved, I don’t know (probably a mix).
This is something I had niggling when I was organising the ‘My Story’ mission at uni – how to motivate people without the guilt factor?
…so there we go…how do we change a culture like that at LiVE/Factory Night Church?

Comment by Sam Atwood

Sam – for some reason a lot of your comments have been going to spam, so I only just saw this. I was really excited by this video and was disappointed when noone joined the conversation, but it’s just that the conversation has been hiding from me!

It’s a hard question – “how do we change culture?” And I think, God is the only one who can make the changes that we desire. But obviously we are the ones who have the joy of playing along as God works. To clarify, I think that at LiVE we need to establish the culture, whereas at FNC we need to change the culture. LiVE is still in its infancy and therefore everything is still up for grabs. We need key leaders to get onboard with the vision and invest time to pray and shape the ministry. For FNC, I think culture needs to be changed more structurally, and from conversations with Neil it seems that 2010 will be an exciting year for this.

Exciting times ahead. Really we just need to live the joy factor and hope people join us for the ride!

Comment by bradkonemann

Hi Mate,
Love the video. It made me think of our live group. For me our live group is about friendship, connection and sharing life, which then makes life fun. I know there are lots of lonely people out there who would love to be connected to something that mattered and made a difference to their life, that they weren’t just a blob out there doing their own individual stuff together. That is what we (me) are focussing on with our Live group. Not to become insular, but that as we are feeling “full” we can invite others to join us in something real and meaningful.

Comment by Wendy

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