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Korea and Vietnam
16 October 2009, 6:00 pm
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What follows is an email that I sent to those who are supporting me in prayer while I travel to Korea and Vietnam over the next two weeks:

As many of you will know, I am leaving for a short trip to Korea and Vietnam on Sunday morning. I’m sending this email to you because I would appreciate your prayer support while I am away.

While in Korea, I will be attending the international General Assembly of Voice of the Martyrs. I don’t have a role to play here, but the Director of Voice of the Martyrs Australia has asked me to come along to be eyes and ears. I will be learning a lot about how VOM functions internationally and hearing about a lot of our work from every region in which we work. I am going to meet some incredible people who are working in VOM offices around the world and also our National Contacts who live and work in restricted nations. Please pray for me, that I would be a humble learner and participant in the GA. Also, that my time networking with international staff will be encouraging and profitable for my ministry with the youth department in Australia.

This will be my first trip back to Vietnam since I first went there in 2006. I am really looking forward to meeting believers from a different part of the country this time (we’ll be spending half our time in the highlands north-west of Hanoi) and hearing first hand what life is like for the underground church in Vietnam. It seems like the situation in Vietnam, like many restricted nations, is complex and it is difficult to make generalizations about the situation. So, for example, in Vietnam, there was a big evangelistic rally held in Ho Chi Minh City for Easter this year. And we hear things like this and think that on the whole things are improving for the church there when in fact rural churches and pastors are facing as much opposition as ever for their gospel work. So I’m looking forward to appreciating more of the complexity of Vietnam and coming back to be able to communicate that to Australian youth.

I’ll be meeting a lot of young people in Vietnam who face persecution. Please pray for me that I might be an encouragement to the believers that I meet. Pray that God would lead and guide our team to those who most need our support and those whose stories truly represent the situation in Vietnam. Pray that my heart my be stirred to a greater love of Christ as I am challenged by the boldness and courage of Vietnamese youth, and that God might allow me to come back to Australia with a message that will particularly challenge Australian youth as they follow Jesus.

As I go, I carry your voice with me, a voice of encouragement and support to our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for Jesus. Please continue to remember the persecuted church, to uplift them in your prayers and be a voice for them in Australia.

I may have the opportunity to blog while I am away, so keep up with that at, otherwise ask Katherine how I’m going.

I do really appreciate your friendship and support, and I look forward to reporting back after I get back on 1 November 2009.


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