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Today or Tomorrow
5 November 2009, 9:59 am
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Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading through C J Mahaney’s series on Biblical Productivity. I read one part of the series today that really stirred my heart and made me think of what one of my good friends often says. Josh often expresses his lament regarding the false dichotomy between the sacred and the secular – that we are prone to compartmentalize our lives so that we end up talking about serving God as only one part of life, rather than it being about all of life.

Mahaney addresses this forcefully in his chapter on Roles in the Biblical Productivity series. He quotes Leland Ryken’s book Redeeming the Time.

The original Protestnats were right in going beyond this (being a Christian at work) and claiming that the work itself is a spiritual issue and a means of glorifying God. We can be Christian not only in our work but through our work if we view our work as an obedient response to God’s calling.

Mahaney comments that “this perspective will transform your attitude as you proceed to work, wait in traffic, and arrive to work for yet another day”.

Mahaney also discerns that “too many Christians are so distracted by thoughts of the future that they cannot discern with clarity how God has called them to serve in their present vocations. Though they show up for work each day, they don’ts work with passion and joy each day”. I know that I have been guilty of this, and through this article I have been greatly encouraged to see how God has sovereignly brought me to where I am right now. I can serve God best where I am in the present, and I can do that with passion adn joy because I know that it is God’s will. Mahaney stresses that “in the future God may call you [elsewhere]. But that is for another time”.

I am here. God has brought me here. God has given me all that I need. And so I will serve him day-by-day, where I am now, for his glory and honour until he calls me elsewhere.

One final quote for Josh (because I know that he will love this one):

…your vocation is to be found in the place you occupy in the present. A person stuck in a dead-end job may have higher ambitions, but for the moment, that job, however humble, is his vocation. Flipping hamburgers, cleaning hotel rooms, emptying bedpans all have dignity as vocations, spheres of expressing love of neighbour through selfless service, in which God is masked.

So are you living in the present, serving God with passion and joy where he has called you to today? Or are you living in the future, overlooking the opportunities that God has given you now to serve and honour him, wherever that may be?


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I do dig this.

I think the only possible way to get this perspective is by looking long and hard at the gospel of grace during our rest times though. Otherwise we will simply be stressed out and overwhelmed by work.

Comment by Josh Maule

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