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That’s Pretend Right?

Jon Acuff over at Stuff Christians Like is raising money to build a kindergarten in Vietnam in the same approximate area where I have recently been. Check out the project here and also read his interview with Abraham Piper who blogs at 22 Words here. When I last checked (0921 AEDT 10 November 2009), Jon had raised $21,647.00 for the kindergarten through his blog. He is aiming to raise $30,000.00.

I think it’s a really interesting idea to raise money for a cause through your blog. Things like this really jump out at me as I consider new innovative ways to raise awareness, advocacy and fundraise for the persecuted church with youth in Australia.

As a shameless plug, if you are interested in supporting Voice of the Martyrs Christmas Care Colombia project, click here, and read the blurb below.

At an orphanage in Colombia

Have you ever been disappointed by a Christmas present that you’ve been given? Maybe you received undies and socks from your grandmother when really you wanted an iPod, or maybe your brother didn’t give you anything at all!

Many Christian children in Colombia don’t have the choice to be disappointed, because they have never received a Christmas present in their life! But this year, you can give Colombian children a gift of hope for Christmas – Voice of the Martyrs is coordinating the delivery of Christmas Care packs to children of the persecuted church in Colombia. Each pack will include supplies for school and home, food, toys and a book about the life of Jesus.

We will be distributing packs in areas controlled by the rebel guerrilla army. Christians face harsh opposition from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC guerrillas) for their bold Gospel work: pastors have been assassinated, missionaries have been kidnapped, churches have been closed, and entire Christian communities have been displaced.

For only $20 you can give a Christmas Care pack to a Colombian child – some of them have lost their parents to the violence of the FARC guerrillas. Christmas Care enables you to do something real to support the persecuted church.

Here are some challenging ideas for how you can raise the money:
– give from your pocket money
– get a summer/part time job
– get a few friends from your youth group or school to put in a few dollars each
– pass on some of the money you receive from Christmas presents
– For Youth Leaders: run a Christmas Care Colombia fundraiser at your youth group

My local youth group runs a fundraiser at the end of every year raising money for a different cause. This year we are supporting Voice of the Martyrs Christmas Care Colombia project. We don’t have a big youth group, but we can make a big difference in the lives of children of the persecuted church in Colombia.

Christmas care packs include: a backpack, 1xschool pack (includes notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and a box of colouring pencils), 1xtoiletries kit (includes toothbrush, toothpaste, soap), 1xHe Lived Among Us, 1xT-shirt with a Christian message/design, a snack, oatmeal, toy (age and sex appropriate).

As an aside, to understand the blog title you need to read Jon Acuff’s blog post about the fundraiser.


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