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Holidays and Rest
4 December 2009, 12:59 pm
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Holidays. Rest. Relaxation. Sun. Sand. Summer.

After a full-on year, Katherine and I are taking a week off next week to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Yes, can you believe it – two years has passed already. It has flown by, but at the same time it feels like we have enjoyed a lifetime of togetherness. We have been privileged to do and experience so much over the past few years: wedding and honeymoon; 5 weeks overseas for filming in Colombia; university; the birth of LiVE (our young adults ministry); 2 months in Jordan living with a missionary family; youth ministry; graduating from university; a year starting a youth initiative with Voice of the Martyrs. Whoa, it’s exhausting just remembering all that we’ve done. And that’s only the start of it. That’s only what we’ve done and is failing to mention the relational context of all of this that really shapes our memory of these events.

But one thing that I’ve been learning over this period is that life is given to us in patterns of work and rest and we need to embrace the whole package. We rest so that we can work for God’s glory in whatever we do. Rest is so important for us to have the energy, passion and clarity of thought to serve God and others wherever we find ourselves. But we also need to let go of our mindset of gain and recognise that rest is not only a means to an end, but is an end in itself as we look forward to entering God’s rest. So we show glimpses of hope and the kingdom not only in our attitude to work and rest, but also by finding the balance of working and resting to God’s glory in every season of life.

I have found it very difficult to find this balance over the past two years. And it has been to the detriment of my walk with Jesus, my marriage and my ministries. Busyness has consumed me and I have not given any of these areas the attention they need and deserve and that I yearn to give them. As we approach the end of the year and move into new things for 2010, I don’t want to keep on making the same mistakes, but I want to learn from them and grow with Katherine further in love and godliness.

When I started writing this post, I didn’t mean to move into a discussion of work and rest. I simply wanted to say that I will be taking a break from the blog as we go to the beach to celebrate life and marriage and rest together. But hopefully it’s given you something to think about.

Enjoy the summer sun (or the winter chill if you’re reading from the North).


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Great post Brad!
Encouraging to know that others find the balance between God/work/relationships hard to maintain.

May we all grow in wisdom for the new year.
Enjoy your break!

Comment by Jen

Great stuff man. Get some rest, love your bride and enjoy your creator!

Comment by Josh Cousineau

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