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Blogging a Book
21 December 2009, 3:02 pm
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As some of you probably know, I am in the middle of writing a book. Earlier in 2009 I was asked by Voice of the Martyrs to write a short book on the history of the gospel in Colombia. I began this in April 2009, and before I knew it the project was on hold indefinitely. But after a busy year we’ve just recommitted to the project and I’ve just started to get back into the book-writing rhythm.

The book will be one in a series of short books that Voice of the Martyrs is publishing called Restricted Nations. Each of these books detail the history of the gospel in a nation, and consequently the history of persecution in that country as believers in each country have suffered persecution at some stage in it’s history.

For me, it’s a really exciting project having travelled to Colombia with Katherine shortly after we were married to film Underground Reality: Colombia, a youth DVD in which we met Colombian Christians who had suffered for their faith or were risking their lives for the sake of the gospel. We made many friends in Colombia and were particularly touched by the situation in the country.

We cannot comprehend the level of suffering that Colombians face every day due to the violence that has been a part of Colombian life throughout its history. The savagery and scale of its internal war is gut-wrenching. Who could not be touched by witnessing such suffering? On top of this, however, we were so challenged by incredible stories of courage as brave evangelists risk their lives to tell people about Jesus, walking literally into the middle of conflict areas to preach the gospel. But the thing that really got me was seeing how God was at work to transform such a hopeless situation for his glory. Seeing lives transformed from violence to love and seeing hope and peace come where there had once been only strife is such a clear example of God’s transforming grace at work powerfully in this broken world. That I now have the chance to write about this and tell the stories of my friends who are risking their lives for Jesus is truly a privilege.

The tone of the book is supposed to be ‘history with heart’. Having completed four years of academic study I don’t really struggle to write the history. I have found it the struggle to find the right balance of heart. And so I thought that the best place for me to get the mix right would be just to write regularly about Colombia here on the blog. So that is what I am going to do.

For those of you aren’t particularly interested in this, feel free to skip these short prosaic posts. But apart from that I would love your input into what I’m writing. I’m not going to approach this systematically at all, I’ll just write on whatever is relevant to where I’m at in the project.

As always, I value your prayers, support and encouragement in my ministry but particularly in this book writing project.


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