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A Letter to Kim Jong Il
20 January 2010, 12:27 pm
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My friend Todd Nettleton recently wrote an interesting blog about a man who walked across the Tumen River from China into North Korea to give a letter to Kim Jong Il asking for the release of all political prisoners in North Korea. Here’s an excerpt:

Honestly, my first thought was to wonder if the guy was “all there,” mentally, and did he REALLY think that he could make a difference in North Korea by walking across a frozen river, to certain arrest and interrogation, with a letter?

…then this week I got a call from a media friend about the story, and in the course of our conversation she asked an insightful question: “but what if GOD CALLED HIM to do what he did?” Her question struck me right between the eyes.

Does God call people to do “crazy” things? Like building an ark in the middle of a dry spell (Noah)? Or taking on a giant with nothing but a slingshot and five stones (David)? Or marrying a prostitute (Hosea)? Or stepping out of a perfectly good boat (Peter)? As we read Scripture, many times God calls people to do things that others might call crazy…

Read the whole thing here.


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