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LiVE: Mission as Identity
5 February 2010, 12:23 pm
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Always great stuff from Tim Chester.

Mission as Identity
For many people mission has become an event. We have guest services. Evangelistic courses. Street preaching. Youth programmes. There’s nothing wrong with these things. But mission is more than a slot into our schedules. It is an identity and a lifestyle. Mission is about living all of life, ordinary life, with gospel intentionality.

Missional Communities
We are called to be missional communities – not lone evangelists. Our love for one another reveals our gospel identity. The world will know that Jesus is the Son of God sent by God to be Saviour of the world through the community life of believers (John 17:20-23).

Scattered communities of light
We are not be like a lighthouse, occasionally sending a beam of light across the city. We are to be communities of light and hope and love in a dark and broken world at street level, on the street corner.

Read the whole thing here.

If you haven’t picked up in previous posts – this is what we’re trying to do at LiVE in 2010. It’s a big challenge, but we’re trusting that as we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, that our lives and our community will be shaped by his gospel and his mission, and that by God’s mercy we might win some.

LiVE: going deep into the Word. building gospel community. overflowing in creative service.


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